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US Navy Fleet Submarines WWII DVD
US Navy Fleet Submarines WWII DVD

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US Navy Fleet Submarines WWII DVD

US Navy Fleet Submarines WWII DVD covers US Navy submarines of WWII of the Sargo, Gato and Baleo classes. There are five films on this DVD.

1st film: Submarines at Sea - This film was produced in 1941 and shows the early Salmon class and the Sargo class submarines like the SS-180, SS-182, SS-183, SS-186, and SS-187. Plus a V-boat (probably the Argonaut) which was the largest diesel submarine ever built by the US Navy. SS-186 is on practice maneuvers again in the Pacific and launches two torpedoes at one of the big battleships in the Pacific Fleet. Great footage of submarines and what life was like aboard these boats. Run time is about 11 minutes.

2nd Film: Sub Training New London - Take Her Down - This film shows a lot of really good footage of a Gato class submarine and her crew. From school to functioning in a sub at sea. Run time is about 11 minutes.

3rd Film: Sub Warfare in the Pacific - This film has been around but our version is in pretty good color. It is the story of the Silent Service and how it got that way. Mostly about Gato and Baleo class submarines in the Pacific War with Japan. Run time is about 38 minutes.

4th Film: "Full Fathom Five". This film gives a great overview of the importance of submarines in the global WWII naval war, especially in the Pacific Theater. See submariners train at the New London sub base; Great interior and exterior shots of US subs on patrol and in combat; Pearl Harbor sub base - COMSUBPAC; The Panama Canal during WWII; Japanese merchant marine ships and much more. Run time is about 26 minutes.

5th Film: Newsreel Collection of Submarines - 1st, USS Nautilus V-6 is Launched. 2nd, Cameraman risks life for photos. 3rd, USS Squalus sinks. 4th, Pig Boats. 5th, USMC Raiders on the Argonaut attack Japanese held Island. 6th, British Subs Sinks German ship in the Mediterranean. 7th,Submarine nets used in San Francisco Bay. 7th, Italian newsreel reveals old Subs and Guns. 8th, Captured German Midget Sub Footage in English. 9th, German Mini-sub tested in US harbor. 10th, US Navy's PBYs use Sonar to find Subs. 11th, Turkey Gets Gato-class US Subs. 12th, Navy tests Trieste research sub. 13th, South American joint Naval training. 14th, Formosa joins US in sub games. 15th, Short on Russian Diesel subs. 16th, US submarines in mothball. 16th, USS Pickerel leaps out of the water. Run time is about 22 minutes.

Total runtime for the US Navy Fleet Submarines WWII DVD is about 108 minutes. Format is NTSC DVD and region-free.

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