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A word about international video standards.

NTSC, PAL, and SECAM - What are they?

These are the three major worldwide video standards. The United States and Canada (as well as several other countries) use the NTSC national video standard. Most of the DVDs we sell are recorded using this standard and will play in standalone DVD players sold in the USA. Customers overseas who have standalone DVD players that can handle NTSC can also play these DVDs.

Europe (in additional to many other countries worldwide) uses the PAL and SECAM video standards. Some of our DVDs are available in the PAL format.

Customers worldwide can play any NTSC, PAL, or SECAM DVD in PCs that have a DVD drive as well as DVD player software. The video standard does not matter when playing DVDs on a PC. So everyone around the world should be able to view our DVDs full screen on their PC!

DVD-R and DVD+R DVD Formats

Some of our DVDs were recorded using either the DVD-R or DVD+R format. These DVDs should play without any problems on any recent standalone DVD player. If you have a older DVD player (pre-2001), you may see playback issues such as jerky/skipped video or the DVD may simply not play. If this is the case, try playing the DVD on a PC with a DVD drive. If the DVD plays without any problems on the PC, then you have an older incompatible DVD player. Since DVD players can now be purchased for less than $50 in major electronics stores in the USA, you might consider this option. Please contact us for questions or assistance if you experience these problems.
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