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US Air Force Big Bombers B-29 B-36 B-47 B-52 B-58 DVD
US Air Force Big Bombers  B-36 B-47 B-52 B-58 DVD

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US Air Force Big Bombers B-29 B-36 B-47 YB-49 B-52 B-58 USAF Spy Planes DVD

Many US big bombers from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and present day are covered.

Film #1 - B-29 SuperFortress - This is a great film collection of the famous B-29:

  • Building the B-29
  • B-29 Mine Laying
  • B-29 Salvage
  • B-29 and the Goblin
  • B-29 and the X-2
  • B-29 and the X-15
  • B-29 Around the World

Runtime is about 10 minutes.

Film #2 - B-36 PeaceMaker - This is a film from the US Army Air Forces Story and others on the largest bomber ever built:

  • AAF Story of the B-36
  • The Big Bombing
  • B-36 and a Parasite F-84
  • B-60, the all Jet version of the B-36
  • B-36 converted to an all new cargo plane

Runtime is about 11 minutes.

Film #3 - B-47 StratoJet - This is a collection of films on the the famous B-47:

  • Jet Assisted Takeoffs
  • B-47 Remote Flight
  • B-47 and the Auto Pilot System

Really creative footage of this bomber. Runtime is about 8 minutes

Film #4 - YB-49 Flying Wing - This is great film footage of the early B-49 Flying Wing:

  • The First Prototype Two Engine Version
  • Monster Wing
  • Jet Version of the YB-49
  • More on the YB-49 plus some photos.

The Northrop Flying Wing was revolutionary, But Jack Northrop made a famous political move and all of his 16 planes were destroyed intentionally. Thirty years later, the B-2 spirit proved his idea as great. Quite a struggle. Runtime is about 7 minutes.

Film #5 - B-52 StratoFortress - This is a great collection of greatest bomber of all time, the B-52:

  • B-52 Tandem Version Prototype
  • B-52 Goes Into Service
  • B-52 Squadron
  • B-52 Global Bomber
  • SAC B-52 Bomber
  • B-52 and the X-15

Runtime is about 15 minutes.

Film #6 - B-58 Hustler - This is a collection of films on the B-58 Convair Hustler. The B-58 was the first medium bomber to go supersonic:

  • 1000 Hour B-58
  • B-58 at an Airshow
  • AirKat Tires for the B-58

Really great stuff. Runtime is about 6 minutes.

Film #7 - USAF On Canvas - This is an old film the tells the story of the need to put the USAF on canvas. Great paintings and footage of the USAF famous planes. Not a well known film, but fun to see. Runtime is about 14 minutes.

Total runtime for the Big American Bombers B-29 B-36 B-47 YB-49 B-52 B-58 DVD is about 71 minutes. Format is NTSC DVD and region-free.

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