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USAF MATS Airlift Cargo Planes Two DVD Set
USAF MATS Airlift Cargo Planes DVD

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USAF MATS Airlift Cargo Planes DVD Collection Two DVD Set

Ten military MATS (Military Air Transport Service) cargo/transport aircraft are covered in two DVDs from the C-69 prop WWII era to the present day C-17 Globemaster III jet era.

Disc 1 - Prop Cargo Planes

This is a DVD collection of the Early MATS USAF Prop Cargo Planes. From the C-26 Connie, to the C-97, to the good old Boxcar, to the Globemaster and the famous C-130 Hercules, these aircraft worked hard for our nation's Military Air Transport Services.

Film #1 - C-69 and the RC-121 - The Lockheed C-69 Constellation was built in 1943 and considered the fastest airliner in the world at the time. Built in cooperation with TWA owner Howard Hughes, the Connie went into service as the C-69. Modeled after the P-38, the Connie could reach speeds of 360 mph. After the war, the other services used the Connie for a radar platform named the RC-121. This is a collection of short films on both versions. Runtime is about 15 minutes.

Film #2 - C-97 Stratofreighter - This is a USAF MATS film on Cargo Critical. It is about getting wounded men to a hospital quickly and one way to do that was to get them back to the States. The C-97 fight the bill very well for that task. The C-97 was an enlarged B-29. We have included newsreels about the capacity of this great aircraft. Runtime is about 16 minutes.

Film #3 - C-119 and C-120 Boxcar - This is a collection of short films on the C-82 to the C-119 and onto the C-120. The USAAF and later the USAF needed a better cargo aircraft that could load and unload on short runways. Thus the invention of the C-82. Great concept, but the C-82's airframe was too light, so Fairchild had to rebuild it as the C-119. Later they came up with the detachable containers called the C-120. Very interesting concept. In these shorts are the aircraft used as paratroop carriers, cargo aircraft and even a gunship to replace the C-47 goonie bird gunship in Vietnam. Runtime is about 9 minutes.

Film #4 - C-123 Provider - This a Fairchild promotional film on the YC-123H version. We added additional newsreels on this aircraft. What is really amazing was that the C-123 was orginally designed as a large glider. That project never worked out. Great stuff and also a very rare film. Runtime is about 12 minutes.

Film #5 - C-124 Globemaster - This is a USAF film about the mighty C-124 Globemaster being used to fly supplies to Antarctic. Another great film. Runtime is about 22 minutes.

Film #6 - The C-130 Hercules - One of the USA's hardest working aircraft, the C-130 was a medium heavy lifter that could do almost anything our military wanted. This film is about the early development of the C-130 Hercules. We have included some newreels of the aircraft as well. Runtime is about 20 minutes.

Disc 2 - Jet Cargo Planes

This DVD is about the amazing USAF jet airlift cargo planes. We start with the famous C5-A Galaxy, the largest cargo lifter at the time, to the important C-141 Starlifter, to some rare films on the YC-14 and the YC-15 prototypes, to some stock footage of the C-17 Globemaster III, and the final film about the history of the airlift division to humanity. If you ever wondered about these fantastic aircraft, we think you will enjoy this DVD.

Film #1 - C5-A Galaxy - This is a great film created by the USAF on the world's largest airplane. it shows the development and the launching of this amazing aircraft. Color. Amazing stuff. Runtime is about 27 minutes.

Film #2 - C-141 Starlifter - There are three films on the C-141 Starlifter. Great footage. The first film is about a crew flying the C-141 Starlifter. The second film is on the development of the YC-141. The third film is called Weekend Warrior and covers the USAF Reserve and the C-141. Rare and really fun stuff. Runtime is about 22 minutes.

Film #3 - YC-14 and YC-15 Prototypes - Includes footage on the YC-14 and the YC-15 flyoff competition. Also includes film on the amazing YC-14 prototype. Great footage on this aircraft in takeoffs, flight, and landings. Great and rare stuff. A must see if you're a cargo buff. Runtime is about 12 minutes.

Film #4 - C-17 Globemaster III - This footage shows the C-17 Globemaster up in the high desert in California. Runtime is about 9 minutes.

Film #5 - Airlift History - This film is called Airlift to Humanity. It tells the story of the airlift command in WW2 to the 1970s, all over the world. Great story and great footage of planes from the famous C-47 to the C5-A. Great piece of aviation history. Runtime is about 18 minutes.

Total runtime for the MATS USAF Cargo Planes Collection Two DVD Set is about 182 minutes (for two DVDs). Format is NTSC DVD and region-free.

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