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Screamin' Banshees: The McDonnell F2H Goes to War DVD
Screamin' Banshees: The McDonnell F2H Goes to War DVD

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Screamin' Banshees: The McDonnell F2H Goes to War DVD contains three exciting films covering the F2H Banshee which saw service during the Korean war, initially as an escort fighter for USAF bombers but later on in close support of ground troops and against North Korean infrastructure targets. An F2H Banshee pilots handbook is also included on the DVD as a .pdf file.

Film #1 - Naval Aerial Tactics featuring the F2H-2 Banshee (1951, Color, 21:00) Produced by the Navy Department during the Korean War, this unique film is compelling today for two reasons. First, it features truly outstanding color footage of F2H-2 Banshee fighters operating singly and in squadron formation. Second, it opens a fascinating window on US Navy carrier launched fighter operations and tactics at the time of the Korean War. The film addresses three main "problems"in aerial tactics: intercept, escort and attack, and defense. Using a combination of live action and animation, you'll learn about how to optimize your approach angle for a minimum deflection gun shot when intercepting an intruding bomber (no air-to-air missiles yet!), various squadron formations to suit differing tactical situations, effective combat air patrol operations for carrier protection, options for escorting bombers to targets, optimizing fuel consumption in various operations, working effectively with carrier air controllers, carrier approach and landings, tactics for attacking enemy formations, and how to avoid stalls during combat, are just some of the subjects covered in this information packed film. We give it our highest rating for combat aircraft fans everywhere!

Film #2 - Meet the McDonnell F2H (1948, B&W, 14;00) Produced by McDonnell aircraft, this film served as an introduction to their newest jet, the FH2, and details it's numerous improvements over the companies first jet fighter, the FH-1 Phantom. You'll get a walk-around of the aircraft and see her doing spectacular aerobatics. Then you'll get a look inside the McDonnell assembly line to see FH2 construction and inside a Westinghouse engine plant to see production and testing of her compact yet powerful J34 axial flow turbojets.

Film #3 - Carrier Action Off Korea (1954, B&W 14:00) Operating strategically off the Korean coast from the first to last days of the Korean conflict, aircraft flying off the highly mobile, invulnerable carriers of the US 7th Fleet provided an irreplaceable component in United Nations force's offensive and defensive operations. You'll see McDonnell F2H Banshees, Grumman F9F Panthers, Douglas AD-1 Sky Raiders and World War II vintage Vought F4Us on the deck, in the air, and pounding targets. You'll see exciting attacks on Yalu River bridges, trains, convoys, power plants, Air Group 19 Sky Raiders unique torpedo attack on the flood gates of the Hwachon Resevoir and much more. Non stop action!

The 44 page McDonnell FH2-1 "Pilots Handbook" in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format with text and two color illustrations, including flight and systems controls, fuel and electrical systems, operating instructions, takeoffs and landings, dives, flight characteristics, gun site controls, emergency procedures, operating charts, tables and diagrams and much more. Pilot's manual viewable & printable on computer based DVD player.

The DVD is in NTSC format and region-free. The runtime is about 50 minutes. It is packaged in a plain clear plastic C-Shell DVD case without paper graphics.

More Information on the McDonnell F2H Banshee:

Affectionately nicknamed "The Banjo," The McDonnell F2H Banshee fighter followed McDonnell's (and the Navy's) first carrier launched jet fighter, the FH-1 Phantom, into service. The F2H-1 was similar in design, but had twice the power and carried bombs as well as rockets and cannons. In all, McDonnell built 895 Banshees.

The initial production version, the F2H-1, was quickly followed by the F2H-2, which featured upgraded engines, extended range, and hard points for carrying a heavier payload. In 1949, an F2H-2 set a jet altitude record of 52,000 feet. The F2-H, a multi-role aircraft, and was produced in several versions: a day fighter, night fighter, photo reconnaissance plane, and a strengthened variant could carry nuclear weapons.

Entering combat in 1951 the F2H-2 served as a principal fighter with the Navy's Seventh Fleet for the duration of the Korean conflict. Used almost exclusively as a tactical ground attack fighter, her four twenty millimeter canon coupled with either eight 60 lb. rockets or up to six 500 lb. bombs on a stable weapons platform with a 1,400 mile range made the Banshee a lethal strike fighter. Excellent handling, rugged construction and two reliable Westinghouse turbo jet engines contributed to her survivability. Despite flying thousands of combat sorties, only three F2H-2s were lost to AAA fire during the entire conflict.

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