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Pan Am Clippers of War M-130 B-314 DVD
Pan Am Clippers of War M-130 B-314 DVD

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Pan Am Clippers of War M-130 B-314 DVD. This Pan Am documentary consists of six films that showcase Pan Am's important role in the WWII years.

World air travel at the beginnings of aviation was very rare. Pan Am was formed in 1927 as Pan American Airways. The new company's first international route was carrying mail and passengers between Key West, Florida and Havana Cuba. Later, Pan Am introduced their first international routes to South America using Sikorsky flying boats. Because land runways were scarce in those days, flying boats solved that issue because water was everywhere.

In 1937, Pan Am expanded to the Pacific with the Martin M-130 - the China Clipper. The route was San Francisco to Manila with stops in Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam. Then a second leg from Manila to Hong Kong was flown by a Sikorsky S-42.

In 1939, the larger Boeing 314 clipper started to fly the San Francsico to Hong Kong route. The passenger capacity doubled from 18 to 36.

In 1941, the Pan Am clipper flying boats were really the only aircraft capable of international transoceanic travel critical to long range transportation. In addition, Pan Am had the infrastructure and facilities to support the clipper flying boats. Pan Am navigators were amongst the world's best at transoceanic navigation.

Therefore, when war broke out with Japan in 1941, the US Navy conscripted Pan Am pilots, personnel and aircraft for the war effort. Pan Am airplanes carried tons of military supplies during the war years to destinations all over the globe. In addition, many military navigators were trained in transoceanic navigation at Pan Am's facility in Miami.

Film #1 - Clippers at War Part 1 - This film explains the history of the Pan Am clippers and the early teamwork with the Navy. Most of the footage is of the Sikorsky S40 flying boat to the Martin M-130. Great piece of history. Runtime is about 22 minutes.

Film #2 - Clippers at War Part 2 - Part 2 picks up after the Battle of Midway. Explains how the US Navy begins to cross train their people to coordinate with Pan Am's people. From the Martin M-130 to the Boeing 314, the war was on. This film is dedicated to the 200 Pan Am employees that gave their lives during WW2. Runtime is about 23 minutes.

Film #3 - The Pacific Boils Over - A Victory at Sea film that is about the war that broke out with Japan. Runtime is about 26 minutes.

Film #4 - Sikorsky and Martin Clippers - A rare collection of Sikorsky S40 Pan Am Clipper, S-42 Clippers and the Martin M-130 China Clippers of the Sea. Plus the Martin Mars Flying Boat. Runtime is about 8 minutes.

Film #5 - Boeing Clipper Stories - Two short stories on two different rescues at sea with a runtime of about 4 minutes:

  • The Clipper (Pan Am 314) Queen of Bermuda landing at sea was rescued by USCG Cutter Bibb
  • The Clipper (Boeing 377) Sovereign of the Skies crash landed in the Pacific. All 31 people survived.

Film #6 - Clipper Newsreels - A collection of very rare film clips on Pan Am's Clippers over the years, such as famous Consolidated Commodore, a Noorduyn Norseman Seaplane lands in NY, the Douglas Dolphin, and the Spruce Goose. Runtime is about 9 minutes.

Total runtime for this Pan Am flying boat dvd is about 92 minutes. Format is NTSC DVD and region-free.

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