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Airships, Zeppelins & Blimps DVD
Airships, Zeppelins & Blimps DVD

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Airships, Zeppelins & Blimps DVD

This DVD contains a collection of films on airships, Zeppelins and blimps used primarily in the first half of the twentieth century. From the beginning of the 1900's, airships were beginning to come into their own. German airships such as the Zeppelins and the Hindenburg were used to travel around the world faster than ocean liners. These films have all the major Zeppelins, dirigibles and blimps throughout history. There is amazing footage from the Graf Zeppelin, to the Roma, the R33, Shenandoah, Los Angeles, Akron, Macon and of course the Hindenburg, which ended the dirigible era. The Navy used the blimp to help fight WWII against the U-Boats in the Atlantic. If you are fascinated with the bygone age of airships, you will enjoy this DVD.

Film #1 - The History of the Airship - This film tells the history, in film, of the rise and fall of the Zeppelins, dirigibles, and airships from 1900 to 1937. There is absolutely amazing footage with narration of these magnificent airships and each of their histories. Also included is 1928 footage of the "Graf Zeppelin" flying around the east coast of America, Lakehurst, Delaware, etc. Very rare footage and stunning to see. Runtime is about 10 minutes.

Film #2 - The Hindenburg - This film is about the German airship, the Hindenburg. She was one of the largest and one of the most prestigious airships of the sky. She could make the run across the Atlantic in 3 days in complete luxury and was much faster than any ship. This footage has her flying around New York, boarding and unloading, viewing inside, and of course, three versions of her bursting into flames at Lakehurst, which ended airship travel as the world knew it then. The different versions are all fascinating and very historical to see. Runtime is about 16 minutes.

Film #3 - USS Akron and Macon - Here is a collection of film on the USS Akron and the Macon. Two of the largest airships ever built in the US. Both were beautiful ships and had small airplanes that were stored inside the airship. The planes could be launched and retrieved by a trapeze device. Both airships met their doom at sea and the US Navy never built rigid airships again. Mostly film footage with narration but we added some historical photos too. Runtime is about 24 minutes.

Film #4 - USS Shenandoah and USS Los Angeles - This is a collection of film and photos of both of these airships. The Shenandoah was lost in a storm on land and the Los Angeles was the most successful airship of the US Navy. The Los Angeles set the stage with her perfect safety record for the larger Akron and Macon airships. Runtime is about 5 minutes.

Film #5 - US Navy Blimps - Here is a collection of film on the US Navy Blimps and their uses. Mostly for U-Boat hunting during WW2 in the Atlantic. Great footage of launching, building the blimp, flying and hunting U-boats. Runtime is about 9 minutes.

Film #6 - Airship Newsreels - This is a collection of the use of balloons, from training balloons, the Japanese fire bombs sent to the US during WW2, to high altitude tests, to a old fashioned cartoon called "Love in a Airship". Runtime is about 19 minutes.

Film #7 - Call to the Air - This is an amazing film and a piece of history by the Army Air Corps in their beginning. Around the 1920s to early 1930s, this film shows the army training cadets to fly balloons to airships from California to New Jersey. Amazing aerial footage as the airships fly over cities and harbors. In one scene, they fly over the US Navy fleet of 4 Piper destroyers at anchor. This film is silent so we added a version of Peer Gynt to it. Runtime is about 14 minutes.

Total runtime for the Airships, Zeppelins & Blimps DVD is about 97 minutes. Format is NTSC DVD and region-free.

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